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Welcome to The Blackberry Pig Farm.  We, Alan and Linda Clayton, are the co-owners and co-wranglers of this little pig farm.  We raise some of the happiest quality pigs which yield the finest pork in North Central Florida.  We hope your visit to our website has been entertaining, and you learned a few things about our pigs. If you’d like to come by and pay us a visit us, please do.  Our contact information is below.   Thank you for visiting our Home page.


We have been here in Florida for a few years. Found this lovely little farm, and started raising crops, and pigs. We found ourselves a good mentor, and started raising really nice pigs. We started out with great boars, and some prime sows. We raise pigs for shows, and feeder pigs. Not every pig can be a show pig. But every pigs is raised like one. We feed all natural/organic, non-medicated feed.